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Liechtenstein Trust Conference 2018

13.03.2018 / 12:30 bis 18:30 / Universität Liechtenstein / Vaduz

Role of Discretionary Beneficiaries, Freedom of Establishment, Sham Trusts and Trust Courts in Civil Law Jurisdictions

Trusts continue to garner increased attention worldwide due to their flexibility, proven use in family situations and especially for private wealth protection and philanthropy. Thus the trust concept is currently experiencing a surge in popularity around the globe. It is now increasingly being used outside of its traditional environment, i.e. in a number of civil law jurisdictions. In order to keep pace with such demand, a number of countries have introduced new legislation and/or amendments to existing law.

This year's conference will begin with a discussion on the information rights of discretionary beneficiaries and their rights to request a court review. Paul Matthews will give his keynote speech on this issue starting from the English Law of Trusts. Then Stefan Wenaweser will analyse the recent findings of Liechtenstein Courts on the rights of discretionary beneficiaries and their rights to request a court review.

After that Thomas Zwiefelhofer will focus on the Freedom of Establishment and will show how Liechtenstein Trusts benefit from the recent case law of the European Court of Justice and the EFTA Court.

In the following conference session Maurizio Lupoi will discuss conditions under which courts may consider a trust to be a sham or otherwise void. This session will deal with the San Marino as well as the Liechtenstein perspective.

The final panel discussion will deal with Special Trust Courts in Civil Law Jurisdictions and will answer the question whether San Marino can be a role model for Liechtenstein.

The conference presentations will be given by internationally renowned practitioners and academics, and participants will have sufficient opportunity to raise questions after the presentations and to participate in the closing panel discussion. The entire conference will be conducted in English.

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